Having A Custom Video on Page 1 For Your Business Is Like Having Your Own ATM Machine in Your Office!

From the desk of TC Bradley,

I am not going to waste your valuable time as that is not my style.

I have acquired a particular set of marketing skills over my lifetime that make me very dangerous for any business owner that is currently on page 1 of Google.

You see, when I decide to rank a video on page 1 for a search term that means someone that is currently on page1 for that term has to pack their bags and say "bye bye" because my video is coming...no matter what.

That is exactly what happened when I decided to go after the global search term "Luxury Real Estate Magazine"   

On Sept 27th,2013, I uploaded our promo video for our Luxury Real Estate magazine...on YouTube, within 30 days that video is on page 1 out of 106 million search results for the term 'Luxury Real Estate Magazine"


Everyone knows that Google is the #1 search engine but did you know that YouTube is #2?

You have to understand exactly what Google wants and how YouTube works and I do.

Any moron can make a video but to get it to rank for a highly competitive global search term in under 30 days well that is a much different conversation.

While I am building our magazine on a international level with video, I have decided to do the same thing on a local level for business owners...My motto is I do not care who is on page 1 when I decide to go there someone else has to leave because "Big Daddy" is bringing the thunder and I will be on page 1 with a video for whatever term I choose to go after.

I will build a custom video and then rank it for a powerful consumer intent search term.

92% of all internet searches result in a sale...these are folks that have their checkbooks out and are ready to buy something.

Most business know this and then decide to get there with pay per click which can be a very expensive lesson. 

A well produced video on page 1 outperforms a website and those pay per click ads because people LOVE video, especially a well produced one and their eye always is attracted to the video on that page FIRST.

But here is the thing.

I will only work with 1 industry or trade per city.

If your a chiropractor, I am only going to work with 1 Chiropractor in that city, if you are a plumber or a roofer or a electrician or in water removal, or pool installations or a hair salon...you get the point, I will only work with 1 of you per city

So you will have me exclusively  as I am not going to compete against myself.

So I provide the custom video that is designed to convert and I rank the video and then maintain that ranking each month (in competitive niches, you have to maintain your rankings whether it is a video or a website.) 

Listen to Jeff Tumbarello, the Director of the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investors Association Has to Say About TC Bradley


Results Speak Louder Than Words In My World!

Listen folks, I am expert not because I say I am but because my results speak for me.

As a business owner my entire business is based on results and those that can deliver them for me and lets face it there is a LOT of crap out there today.

The advantage in dealing with me is you are dealing with someone that results are the bottom line and is speaking to you as a fellow business owner not some commissioned sales person that is just trying to make a sale or not someone who has not done this for their own company first!

What I am offering to do for you is what I am doing right now for my own company and I thought why not help some other business owners out too since I am already do in this.

To be blunt, I am an all or nothing type of guy.

If I cannot dominate a industry online I do not want to play.

I am not looking to do business with everybody...only 1 trade and 1 business owner per city.

Oh by the way, you do not need a website to rank a video on page 1 we can make call to action in the video be a phone call but I can build a website or re design a website for you if you need that as well.

Give us a call and lets talk and see if we have a fit and lets make some money together and capture some of those profits you have been missing out on.

But please remember, we only work with 1 trade per city so call us now as the email or call you got was probably sent to your competitor as well.

Tim Savage is my business partner and makes the decision on which business or trade that we work with per city as again we only work with 1 per city.

Tim can let you know if your area if still available and let you know about our current pricing.

By the way our services are 100% guaranteed and unlike other companies, our word means something...we do exactly what we say we are going or we refund every penny.

We insist on EARNING your business.(we make no apologies for being "old school")

Tim Savage can be reached at 239-260-1919 (Direct)

We are willing to help but we can only help 1 business per city per trade so call us today!

Take care, 

TC Bradley

239-549-9868 (Direct)

P.s Our Company, New Life Vision, LLC has an "A+" Rating with the BBB...which you can verify for yourself.

 Click for the BBB Business Review of this Real Estate Investors in Cape Coral FL

We have an impeccable online and off line reputation which is really impressive when you consider the volume of business that we have done worldwide.

Our reputation has been earned by simply honoring our word and agreements...no great secret there!



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